Ankle Braces for Soccer Players

10-Best Ankle Braces for Soccer Players

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If you are a player especially a soccer player and still have not faced any lower leg or ankle injury then you are one of the few lucky players. The most common injury for soccer player is sprained ankle. Here in this article we have reviewed 10 best ankle braces for soccer players.

But before going to our review section we are going to discuss some important factors like what ankle injuries are? Types of ankle braces available in market and what should I look for in ankle brace.

If you are soccer player or just love soccer, you know football is a game of around 90 minutes. During play, players are almost running and tackling the ball all the time. The more running the more stress on ankles not only running but a player has to lock ankle to shoot a ball and there are chances to tear or hurt ankle.

Ankle Braces for Soccer Players

Ankle braces help to protect most common ankle injuries, help to minimize the pain during the field play and prevent further injuries of twisted ankles. Ankle brace is a device made with some plastic material or metal support to protect ankle from sprains.

We suggest to have a look at our list of Best ankle braces after sprain

Types of Ankle Braces

There are a lot of varieties available in market but here are three main types of ankle braces for soccer players are discussed.

Sleeve Braces:

These are comfortable to wear and looks like an ordinary sock with a stiffer material that offer support by compression, also easy to wash and clean, but these types of braces does not offer sufficient stability.

Semi Rigid Braces:

These types of braces offer better support as compared to sleeve braces but are little bit uncomfortable wearing with some tighter soccer shoes. These rigid braces are used in more serious injuries and recommended for those whose are in recovering phases of sprains.

Single Strap Braces:

These types of braces work like a tape to stabilize your foot and can be used with most tight fitting soccer cleats. These braces are also easy to clean but not give enough support like rigid braces.

What should I look for in ankle brace?

Choosing the best ankle brace for soccer could be a difficult task but here we are discussing some main factors helping in selection of soccer brace.

Before buying or start using ankle braces consult a professional to understand the braces that will fit comfortably with size and features and specifications.

Your ankle braces should be quite fit to your ankles because too tight ankle brace will numb your feet or loose braces will not offer stability.

Some ankle braces are just like straps while some cover other parts of the affected area (ankle region).

Metallic support is needed for some serious ankle sprains while some with plastic support is required for mild ankle sprains.

Durability is another most important quality factor to notice because the elasticity of some of the braces loosens within no time. Choose best ankle brace keeping in mind the severity of injury.

Best Ankle Braces for Soccer Players

The best braces for ankle support comes with fine elasticity, good compression, offer better support and versatile.

1-Zensah Ankle Support Soccer

The Zenash ankle Support is ankle brace with decent support during running or playing soccer but looks like a sock with stiffer material. It provides less support as compared to other bulky braces but is safer to use in minor injury.

Because this ankle brace is designed by an athletic trainer so this best ankle brace offer 3D Geo tech Ribbing which provides good relief in pain also help in heeling sprain and relieves the discomfort in gaming.

Zenash Ankle brace is so comfortable that can be used easily with sneakers and you forget you are wearing sleeve. You would not even feel irritation or rubbing in soccer shoes.

These ankle braces can be used in all kinds of supports like running, cycling, jumping and even you can get benefits from these best ankle braces in soccer.

Moreover this ankle brace is made with non neoprene and non latex material which is breathable and anti odor designed to keep swelling down and relieve ankle pain.

Key Features

  • Designed By Athlete: These braces are designed by athlete trainer using 3D Geo tech ribbing which provides extra relief in pain
  • Breathable Technology: This ankle brace comes with breathable technology which prevents your feet from sweating or irritation
  • Light Weight: These ankle braces are so light in weight and easy to wear with any type of shoes.
  • Comfortable: This best ankle brace is so comfortable and made with fabric like material that you forget you have worn any extra sleeve in your shoes.
  • Material: These best ankle braces for soccer player are manufactured with ant odor material.
  • Price: the price of this brace is very reasonable and easily available.

Pros & Cons

  • Low profile ankle brace
  • Good overall support
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Awesome values
  • Does not offer much support
  • Not durable enough

2adidas Adizero Speedwrap Right Ankle Brace (Soccer Ankle Brace)

It is equally popular among players, athletes, trainers and coaches as well and says a lot about its quality, ankle cushion and protects from rollover.

Adidas made this unique ankle brace with several features including lower risk of getting ankle injury and helps in rehabbing ankle injury through its size and handiness.

Because it is hybrid of lace up buckle brace and compression so it fits much better under the soccer shoes. It also offers natural feeling after putting it up and offers more comfort than compression socks.

These braces for soccer player are durable enough more than 3 times stronger than traditional tapes with anti slip friction zones to prevent sliding of the brace. This best ankle brace comes with odor less and moisture absorbent fabric.

This is the best ankle brace for soccer players but this brace is not fit to be worn in severe ankle injury such as severe ankle sprain. These types of ankle braces can be used to reduce risks of ankle injury during soccer

Key Features

  • Multi Purpose: this best ankle brace for soccer player is equally beneficial for athletes, trainers, coaches and instructors
  • Hybrid: Adidas made this ankle brace with the mix up of compression and lace up Buckle brace and contains qualities of both of these.
  • Durability: Company claims that it is 3X durable and stronger than the traditional compression tape
  • Breathable: It comes with breathable fabric which is odorless and moisture absorbent
  • Anti Skid: This best ankle brace for soccer is made with the material which prevents you feet from slipping and sliding.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
  • Non slip material
  • May not fit for some ankles

3Mcdavid Ankle Brace for Soccer Players

The McDavid ankle braces are slim ankle stabilizer which comes with laces and straps. These best ankle braces for soccer player is little bit tighter and uneasy with tight fitting cleats.

These braces are quite light weight and comfortable enough but little bit bulky than compression tape. It gives you assurance of enough safety to your ankle with its padded lining and reinforced closure. It is one of the best ankle braces that offer 3X protection than the tape.

McDavid ankle braces can be used for rehabbing purposes and also for preventive purpose. These braces are made with polyester material with ventilated tongue that does not affect the blood circulation around your ankle area.

Key Features

  • Dual Purpose: McDavid ankle braces for soccer sprains are usable for both preventive and rehabbing purposes.
  • Light Weight: These braces for ankle are light weight and comfortable enough with less feeling of wearing under shoes
  • Material: The material used in manufacturing of this ankle brace is ventilated tongued polyester suitable for blood circulation.
  • Durable: McDavid braces for soccer players are three times durable than sports tape

Pros & Cons

  • Breathable with comfort
  • Enough durable
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Little bit bulky
  • none

4Powerex Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve (Pair) for Injury Recovery

If you ever think like do ankle braces help sprains? Then there is the answer for you. This powerLix is the answer for you which perfectly protects your ankle and provide them with extra care so that you won’t feel any discomfort again.

However, it is made with the superior quality fabric which is breathable and lightweight so that you can wear it throughout the day without any irritation and all. This is ultimate protection for you which comes with a tight and form fitting material; you will surely feel a great gripping.

These further helps to improve blood circulation and as well as relief all kinds of pain, discomfort, itching, and much more. It is so stretchable enough to easily go fit onto your feet and adjust it accordingly.

Though, with the help of its special fabric, that gives you a soft and smooth feel by which you can wear it all day long.

Key Features

  • IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION: it is made in a way to improve your blood circulation throughout the ankle area and prevent from further injuries and pains.
  • TIGHT AND FIT MATERIAL: it will perfectly take a nice grip around your feet so that you won’t feel any discomfort again.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: with its super soft material that offers you with so much comfort ability by which you can wear them all day long.

Pros & Cons

  • Stretchable
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Treat pain and ankle injuries
  • The material quality has some issues.

5Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Support

Come with great support that helps you in the curing of your ankle injury. It offers you with super comfort ability and eases your ankle pain as well. Also, it reduces pain and irritation around the ankle area and improves blood circulation for sure.

Because these ankle braces for soccer player are built in a way to protect your overall ankle area while allowing you to secure it with its straps. This ankle brace will provide you with ultimate protection to further stabilize injuries and also help to prevent from those injuries again.

This is the best way to secure your ankle while going for running or other outdoor activities. Thus, it is also suitable underwater as well, that’s why we say it is the best waterproof ankle brace till now.

Key Features

  • SPEED UP RECOVERY: it helps to speed up your recovery process and maintain the ankle position.
  • FREE SUPPORT STRAP: comes with a strap feature to perfectly secure the entire ankle area.
  • BEST FOR DAILY USE: it is made with the soft material so that you can wear it all day long without any irritation or discomfort.
  • SWEAT ABSORBING QUALITY: perfectly absorbs sweat and prevent from further injuries.

Pros & Cons

  • Great for all day use
  • Sweat absorbing
  • Speed up the recovery process
  • Not adjustable enough.

6-Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve

POWERLIX Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve (Pair) for Injury Recovery

Provide you with the exact support you feel throughout the moving after your ankle injury. This Kunto waterproof ankle brace will perfectly apply even pressure beyond your ankle joint so that you will stay relax and feel moderate relief from some ailments.

It will be suitable in every outdoor activity like hiking, running, swimming, and much more, so don’t worry about the braces again, wear this up and go for long hours of running with perfect gripping.

However, it is made with a blend of fabric that provides you with enough support and comfortable feel throughout the movement process. It will perfectly fit anyone in any size.

Key Features

  • EASE YOUR ANKLE PAIN: it is best in reducing the ankle pain after constant working or running.
  • COMFORTABLE FABRIC: made with the comfortable fabric so that you can wear shoes over it without any discomfort.
  • PROVIDE WITH THE PERFECT FIT: it is made in a way to fit anyone and offer them with a good gripping perfectly.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to wear
  • Suitable for every activity
  • It is still expensive as compared to others.
  • no

7LOKEP Ankle Brace Breathable Ankle Support (Compression Wrap)

This ankle brace for soccer player is basically a compression wrap (single Strap) which instead of using tape you can wrap around your ankle.

 Another benefit of this single strap is that you can tight or lose this with your own ease.

These best ankle braces for soccer player are not bulky that means the brace is nice and thin allowing you to use soccer shoes with ease and comfort.

Lokep made this ankle stabilizer for soccer player keeping in mind of its weight. This is light in weight with quite reasonable price. The elastic materials used in a way to absorb sweat and keep your feet cool.

The issue with this product is the stability level it provides. It offers a suitable stability but doesn’t provide same level of stability as proper strap provides

Key Features

  • One size fits all: Lokep ankle support brace is suitable for almost all sizes of feet not differentiating either for left or right or for women or men.
  • Comfortable and Soft: These braces for soccer player are made with high quality breathable elastic material which absorbs sweat to keep you comfortable.
  • Usage: This Lokep ankle brace can be used as a preventive brace in all sporting activities.
  • Easy Washable: The fabric used in manufacturing of this brace for soccer is a blend of Nylon, Polyester and Spandex which is easy to wash and wear.

Pros & Cons

  • Easily fits with cleats
  • Reasonable price
  • Light weight
  • Less Supportive
  • none

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need ankle braces for soccer?

A. If you want to play soccer comfortably and don’t want to make a compromise on your steps, and then waterproof ankle brace would be perfect for you

2. How does ankle brace support my feet in soccer?

A..The ankle brace would come with the perfect stretchable side straps which will provide a good grip and support throughout the ankle area to prevent from further injury or pain.

3. Can I wear ankle brace as my outdoor activities?

A..Of course, you can! You can easily wear ankle brace while doing other sports activities like gym, playing outdoor games, etc. The braces are perfect for your daily use.

Final Verdict:

Selecting and buying one of the best ankle brace for soccer player require a prior knowledge for what to go for. I believe in this article we provided some vital information required selecting the best ankle braces for soccer player because most of the soccer player use ankle braces for preventive purposes.

All ankle braces above mentioned are of good quality so go ahead and choose one of the best ankle brace for soccer player for you.

And yes, don’t forget to share your reviews and personal experience with us in the comment section below…

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