Best Power Supply for Guitar Pedals(Guitarist Best Reviewed)

Power Supply for Guitar Pedals

Selecting the best power supply for guitar pedals is tricky and most of it, a complex process beyond your imagination. You might think it is too easy to put everything together with no mess, aren’t you? Well, it is a little more complicated and difficult than you might be able to think, so without any more dragging, we have put up five major best power supplies for guitar pedals to write up a review for you.

However, this all can be a fun and exciting process for you, but still, at some point, you will likely start to realize and wonder how difficult it becomes.

Well, if you want to make the actual use of multiple pedals, then it is always better to connect them all. Make an order in a way that would probably deliver a good sound to you and of course, supply power equally to each. Well, before any recommendation of the best power supply for guitar pedals, we are likely to mention the most and one of the important “issues” which you should need to consider before buying the one for yourself. And, that issue is that choose Isolated power supplies, yes, they matter a lot.

An isolated power supply would be the best choice for you to maintain the signals hum-free further, as well as providing fundamental ways to the pedals of your guitar and working as a barrier to several kinds of issues from your venue’s mains.

Furthermore, there is some importance of having the best power supply for guitar pedals with isolated ones as they prevent a lot more noises. And yes, when the power is not even isolated, you may tend to face a lot of noise issues, especially when you have a lot of pedals. Well, let’s stop this discussion now, and move on to the review section below to get the best supplies ever.

Top Rated Power Supply for Guitar Pedals

1. Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 Pedalboard Power Supply with 7 Isolated Outputs,

This is the best pedalboard power supply which comes with the latest and the world’s first power brick along with the advanced technology of switching power supply by which your work would be done easily. However, this best power supply for guitar pedals provides you with 2x more strong power as compared to the most common power brick.

Though, with the help of this best power supply for guitar pedals, you will get a total of 12 total outputs in which you will get 4 x Switchable 9V/12V, 2 x 9Vdc, 1 x 18V.

The Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 pedalboard power cube can give you extreme power because its seven outlets’ power is fully confined to minimize your rig’s noise further.

In all of that, you also get to know two outputs of 9-volt, four switchable outputs between 9 and 12 volts, as well as an 18-output volt, and of course all necessary adapters and cables.

This is the best power supply for guitar pedals as it is so flexible and reliable in use. It is indeed the best Guitar Pedal Power Supply ever that comes with the design of brackets for mounting on the kind of Pedaltrain pedalboards. Furthermore, the best part is that it keeps the power supply out of the way to provide you with a neater setup and extra room for pedal effects.

Quick Features

  • SWITCHABLE VOLTAGE: you can easily go with the switchable voltage of between 9-volt and 12-volt. Operation.
  • CABLES AND CONNECTORS INCLUDED: you will get 18″ four cables and about three 12″ cables, and also three adapters in the box.
  • BRACKETS FOR EASY MOUNTING: it will make your mounting on Pedaltrain pedalboards easy and comfortable.

Pros & Cons

  • Great product
  • Nice quality
  • Very useful
  • It creates a little bit of noise.
  • No

2. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power MONDO Isolated Power Supply

The best rechargeable pedalboard power supply that helps to deliver a serious amount of power supply for your digital pedals with full high-current and 9-volt classics battery.

The best power supply for guitar pedals that are packing all the important and basic features of Pedal Power’s Digital and as well as Pedal Power 2+ within one accessible case.

However, this pedalboard power supply by MONDO will simply power an extremely pedalboard all over itself. It has 12 entirely isolated, regulated, and filtered sections of output that further will keep free your pedals from the noise of high-frequency you get among digital switching supplies of power. You will seriously fall in love with this one if you haven’t used it yet.

Thus, this best guitar pedal power supply is specially created to work only at volts of 120 volts. The best power supply for guitar pedals will always give you a high-current competent power supply that can easily power the largest and as well as the most various pedalboards. When we compare power-hungry digital impacts like those from Eventide, Strymon, TC Electronic Line 6, and more, and of course, it has great compatibility with each standard 9-volt battery.

Quick Features

  • 12 ISOLATED OUTPUTS: it has 12 isolated sections of output that further help to eliminate ground loops and hum.
  • LOWEST POSSIBLE NOISE: the transformers of toroidal and as well as linear regulation to provide you with the lowest possible noise.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 6 outputs for high-current, Eventide, powers Strymon, Line 6, TC Nova, BOSS Twin, and more.
  • VARIABLE SPEED FAN: temperatures which can further control the variable fan speed easily.

Pros & Cons

  • Good power supply
  • Worth the money
  • Great power
  • It has minor manufacturing fault.
  • none

3. Pedaltrain Pedalboards PT-SPARK

This is the best rechargeable pedalboard power supply that further provides so many comfortable options to deal with it. You will surely love its pro-quality which comes along with a custom transformer, pro shielding, output voltage regulation, worldwide switching, short circuit protection, and as well as low inductance noise.

The best power supply for guitar pedals which gives you a convenient power of high draw pedals digitally such as M9, H9, and of course, Strymon, which is actually more and more powerful as compared to the many big bricks with isolated 5 outputs totaling 1300 mA of power, that would surely be enough spark to further power a big rig.

This one can go to be fitted with the best acoustic guitar around 1500, as it provides you with the Power of up to 13 pedals that nearly came out of the box with a moderate variety of DC power cables. You can easily go with the mount over double lock or velcro; there would be no additional tools, adhesives, or drilling required.

Just go with the mount to, and further move within, any Pedaltrain in just of the period of 60 seconds.

Quick Features

  • DIMENSION: when you find out its dimension, the product is available at the size of 5.75 in x 3.375 in x 1.1875 in (14.6 cm x 8.57 cm x 3 cm).
  • 5 ISOLATED OUTPUTS: yes it will provide you with five isolated outputs in which you will get (2) 500mA outputs and (3) 100mA outputs.
  • PROTECTION: all outputs comes under the protection from the short circuit so that you will stay safe and secure while using this.
  • SWITCHABLE ENOUGH: it is switchable enough to the worldwide use.

Pros & Cons

  • Very good in design
  • High-quality performance
  • No extra noise at all
  • Worth to buying
  • Switchable to the worldwide use
  • no

4.Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS12 12-Output Isolated Guitar Pedal Power Supply

The best power supply for guitar pedals as TrueStone will offer you to estimate the guitar pedal’s power consumption with this advanced and the latest made technology Truetone 1 SPOT mA Meter. However, you will also get a kind of handy cable checker that will further help you troubleshoot defective cables. Thus, you can use this with the best acoustic guitar around 1500.

The 1 SPOT mA Meter will provide you with its input voltage range of between 9V to 24V and as well as will display to you up to 999mA. And of course, the built-in cable tester is here to basically help you out and solve your many problems too. The Truetone 1 SPOT mA Meter requires 9V power to work.

This is the most simple and easiest way for you to further measure the actual power consumption of the pedals of your guitar. However, the compatibility would be DC-powered pedals, 1/4″ cables, where test type is Current draw, cable continuity.

You need to try this best power supply for guitar pedals if you want something according to your range and budget, then go for it with this one.

Quick Features

  • EASY MEASUREMENT: it is a very easy and simple to measure the actual power consumption of the pedals of your guitar without any issue and problem.
  • INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE: input voltage range of up to 9-24Vdc operates with effectively any guitar pedal.
  • 9VOLT POWER SUPPLY: it requires a 9-volt power supply.
  • BUILT-IN CABLE TESTER: with the help of its built-in cable tester, you will be able to help with such troubleshooting damage cables easily.

Pros & Cons

  • Great product
  • Built-in cable tester
  • 9-volt power supply
  • Easy and simple to measure
  • High-performance
  • It is yet very expensive as compared to the other supplies.
  • no

5. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital Isolated Power Supply

The best and rechargeable pedalboard power supply which is is an isolated power supply specially made in a way to provide you convenient options and further make your high-current DSP-based impacts pedals appear their best.

This is the best power supply for guitar pedals, as it has a total of four isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections that keep the pedals quiet and of course free of such high-frequency mess that normally happens to anyone when they have used some digital switching kind of power supplies.

However, with the help of this Voodoo Lab pedal power digital isolated power supply, you will always get the clean, consistent effect of power, even under earthy AC line situations usually found onstage.

Also, this power supply will make you able to enjoy lower noise further and as well as get amazed with the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital Isolated Power Supply its improved tone.

It further has four isolated 9V high-current output sections of 400mA (2 with 12V option). And of course, it will be compatible with all kinds of 9V battery-operated pedals. You will surely get amazed and impressed with its compact-looking design that easily fits small pedalboards and as well as rack shelves.

Quick Features

  • MADE IN USA: it is all handmade and engineered in the U.S.A for better guarantee option and customer satisfaction.
  • ISOLATED HIGH-CURRENT: it has four 9v separate high-current output sections of 400mA.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: the design is so good in size that it can fit perfectly small pedalboards and rack shelves.
  • LINEAR REGULATION: with linear regulation and toroidal transformer, you will get the possible lowest noise ever as compared to others.

Pros & Cons

  • 9V isolated output sections
  • Compact in design
  • Lowest noise ever
  • Includes detachable cables and line
  • Do not provide proper power.

Final Verdict

So, always remember that, whenever you want to choose the right amount of power supply, make sure to examine the overall specs and experienced customer reviews further, that’s how you can save your money from investing in any defective product and how you chose the best power supply for guitar pedals.

Well, it is always better to guide others and spread knowledge of what you have known so far, so do share your experience and thoughts with us in the comment section and help others as well.

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