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7-Easiest Action Acoustic Guitars for Beginners(Buyer’s Guide)

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If you are here reading this review/guide then most likely you need help in purchasing the easiest action acoustic guitar that should be really easy to play and anyone can play by itself whether you are a teen or enjoying your retired life. We are here to help you understand the key features and specifications of different brands of guitar to select your first guitar. You may check our reviewed Best Small Body Acoustic Guitar under $500. Finding the best and easiest playing acoustic guitar can be a tricky and sometimes difficult task because this musical instrument has a lot of range with design and different types of qualities and types of guitars like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitars and with more like semi acoustic guitars. These guitars different types of bodies with wooden finish or with metallic finish with a lot of colors.

Easiest Action Acoustic Guitars for Beginners
Easiest Action Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

So to help you make a decision in selecting the best acoustic guitar for yourself, your kid or a friend, we explained beautiful guitars with different style, design and budget and hopefully one of them will appeal your taste which will definitely be changing your life experience.

We have reviewed 350 different brands and brands of acoustic guitars and interviewed well known guitar players and famous bands. After this research we compiled a list of some acoustic guitars which should definitely easy to play. These offers excellent value and quality which help you to find perfect model fulfilling your stunning needs.

1-Epiphone EJ-200SCE Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic /Electric Guitar

Flight Music Ukuleles Ukelele (DUC445)

This model of Epiphone’s version-Gibson classic J-200 is being named as the king of the flat tops that is rally graceful and has been featured with complete electronics, most of the musical bands love.

This super featured model has a deep cutaway to access the stellar fingerboard. The body of this easiest action guitar has solid spruced top with a stylish and gorgeous neck, golden hardware and crown inlays delivers a solid huge sound which is easily amplified by the pre amp with built in tuner.

It comes with four different finishes like natural, vintage natural, vintage sunburst, black with black and white bindings. This model is made with solid two piece rosewood instead of ferro with Tusq nut and saddles. It has small difference in dimensions and quality with outstanding projection and great low end response.

Quick Features

  • Grace full Body: The top of this easiest action guitar is constructed with selected maple spruce top. Striking cutaway, Back and sides provides better approach than its predecessor. Its slim neck is of maple which gives you smoother ride up and down with fingerboard of rosewood. The grace of the body is so attractive that attracts the audience and enhances the self confidence of guitarist as well.
  • Classic Tone Freshened Up: The tone of this model is enhanced with classic mustache shaped Rosewood Bridge and also with bone saddle made synthetically. Rhythm of its balanced tone provides the guitarist or singer with a feeling like they are being backed up. The tones of this acoustic guitar are so rich and complex that truly inspires musicians over and over again.
  • Stereo Pickups: The unique flexible sensing material used in active electronics pickups the vibration of the string and body vibrations for this acoustic guitar gives revolutionary stereo pickup. The combination of this easiest action guitar between harmonic rich fingerboard with three Samarian cobalt magnets and preamp gives you incredible flexible opportunities to create the perfect tone.
  • Super Jumbo Style: Everyone in music industry choose this guitar for its spruce top projection, quality of construction, sound projection and stunning look.

Pros & Cons

  • Great Value
  • Rich and loud tone
  • High Quality playability
  • Versatile
  • Fun to play
  • No

2-Takamine GJ72CE-12NAT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Beginner 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar – 3/4 Junior Size 6 String Linden Wood Guitar w/ Gig Bag

Here we have a Takamine model with jumbo body style, constructed with solid top, having stunning beauty features and prime quality electronics with 12 strings with commanding performance.

This acoustic electric guitar is constructed with solid spruce top having flame maple sides and top which produces all lush look. The slim neck of this easiest action guitar is made with mahogany and laurel finger board of 12” radius which provides nice playability and great feeling.

The pre amp system of this acoustic electric guitar gives a build in tune with three bands EQ and mid contour switch which gives ultimate in versatility and sound quality.

Some of other great features this acoustic guitar include reversed mountain abalone inlay, tuners of this great guitar are golden die cast with pearl buttons with a beautiful and attractive gloss finishing. The nut and split saddles are made synthetically which gives an attractive look.

Quick Features

  • Sound Quality: This electric guitar all lush and robust sound that guitarists expect from top of the line easiest action guitar
  • Attractive Body: This electric guitar has a glossy finish, jumbo cutaway body with quarter sawn X bracing. Back and sides of this acoustic guitar are flame maple with solid spruce body top.
  • Neck: Material used in glossy finish necks maple wood with bounding rosewood finger board. It has abalone reversed mountain at 12th fret with 20 total numbers of frets.
  •   Hardware Used: In this electric guitar rosewood bridge is used with golden finish and also tuning machine is golden die cast with pearl buttons.
  • Strings: 12 D’addario EXP 38 coated phosphor bronze strings are used.

Pros & Cons

  • Stay in tune
  • Feeling very good
  • Fun to play
  • Consistent
  • No cons

3-Fender CD-60SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar(easy action)

Loog 3 String Pro Acoustic Guitar and Accompanying App for Children, Teens and Beginners – Red

This 12 string electric guitar is classically red designed by Fender including solid glossy spruce top with rolled edges of fingerboard and with brand new neck shape which is very easy to play with.

This classic design acoustic guitar is featured with cut away body which is accessed easily to the upper fret. It also has onboard preamp and tuner which are made by Fishman. The onboard electronics are very powerful which includes a build in tuner delivering great tone with easy playability.

It is a great choice for beginner or aspiring professional with dreadnought sized body which provides a very good projection and traditional full body tone. This easiest action 12 string guitar delivers a stunning and bold playing experience.

Quick Features

  • Orientation: This semi classic guitar is right handed
  • Spruce top: Top of this easiest action acoustic guitar is made with modern tone wood which is used for fashion the top of acoustic guitars. Body finish of this guitar is glossy with mahogany laminated back and sides.
  • Electronics: Fishman preamp system is used which adds a peerless performance with on board controls to instrument without compromising its pure and rich tone. It has a built in tuner which is placed where you can see it.
  • Neck (easy to play): This electric guitar has a glossy mahogany ”C” shape neck with length 25.3”with 20fret boards, The neck of this instrument creates a comfortable feeling which is ideal for experienced players and also ideal for beginners.
  • Saddle and Nuts: saddle and nut used in this acoustic electric guitar are made with plastic.

Pros & Cons

  • Fun to play
  • Audio is very good
  • Stay in tune
  • Great feeling
  • Narrow nuts
  • Electronics are little bit poor
Easiest Action Acoustic Guitars for Beginners
Easiest Action Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

4-Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Martin Smith 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone Hummingbird made this electric guitar you can trust. This guitar was firstly used by Keith Richards of the rolling stone but still is being used by different rockers. You can always trust this iconic guitar model of Epiphone released at very affordable price.

This electric guitar is one the best easiest and smooth action guitar released for professionals and also as beginner you will really appreciate this instrument which has a solid spruce top with mahogany. The neck, back and sides of this guitar are made with mahogany but fret board and bridge made with rosewood.

The color of this acoustic guitar is cherry sunburst but yellow and red are sprayed on it and appears to be lighter and less rich. It is considered as an affordable version as it is packed with all the features a high end guitar contains.This guitar has a smooth playability and impressive sound richness because of this quality it is famous among the guitarists

This model of Epiphone comes with eperformer amp and its nanoflex system is hidden inside the sound hole. Moreover this model is manufactured in Indonesia considering to be low cost. This electric guitar gives you the opportunity to learn new tricks and to explore the music. It has easily controlled dynamics with adjustable volume.

Quick Features

  • Body: This easiest action guitar has 1960 design points. The top of this guitar has solid spruce look. The sides and back of this guitar are laminated with mahogany which is carefully crafted with a dreadnought big body. The fingerboard is made with 20 frets rosewood.
  • Sound: The pre amp system delivers bold and great sounds that feed the live performances. As the spruce is of top quality that ensures that sound resonate well.
  • Neck: It has a slim mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
  • Hard ware: This great guitar comes with an impressive hard ware that amplifies sound naturally. The fantastic electronics of this model enables proper sound projection and easy playability. It has Grover turners with the help of which you can achieve adjustability and tightness.
  • Spruce Tonewood: It has solid complex spruce top the longer you play the better will sound this guitar

Pros & Cons

  • Well balanced sound
  • Affordable and awesome specs
  • Hardware is excellent
  • Nanoflex pickup system
  • Easily changeable batteries
  • Slim neck
  • No

5-Martin LXK2 Little Martin Koa Pattern HPL-Small Body Acoustic

HOHNER 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Natural (HAG250P)

This is one of the best small body acoustic guitars that is really perfect for those looking to perform any where they want. The LXK2 has a special quality of delivering big tone as compared to other small body acoustic guitar. It delivers like a full body guitar.

This guitar is made with high pressure laminated textured finish top. The back, sides and headstock are constructed with sustainable wood.

The Martin LXK2, small body electric guitar is perfect choice for adults of smaller body, children or anyone looking for a compact guitar. This easiest action acoustic guitar is a special gift for beginners as smaller body guitar is easy to handle during their learning stages. It also suites professionals because of its amazing sound quality they feel during recording sessions.

Quick Features

Body and Neck: this small body guitar is constructed with Koa top lamination. The oval neck of this beautiful perfect guitar is made with strata bond and also fingerboard is constructed with 20 frets with no inlay positioning. The bridge of this easiest playing guitar is made from solid East Indian rosewood. The finishing of this guitar is natural satin with no binding.

Sound Quality: it is low bass guitar which produces warm tones. You will get clear sounding tones with its small size. It is one the best traveler guitar and light in weight but still provides great sound that will surely entertain you and those around you or those listening you.

Compact: This little Martin LXK2 is a compact acoustic guitar the top of this acoustic guitar is made with Hawaiian Koa grained high pressure lamination. The headstock, sides and back are made in this way which really looks like real Koa wood. This easiest action small body guitar is very durable as compared to other guitars of this range because of its laminated body.

Neck: The neck of this acoustic guitar for beginners is constructed with natural birch lamination. It is made with strata bond.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and Light weight
  • Small sized, easy for children and small textured
  • Decent balanced tone as compared to other small body guitars
  • It looks sleek and stylish due to Koa look
  • Does not have onboard electronics

6-Donner DAG-1CE Easiest Action Acoustic Guitar

First Act Discovery Acoustic 30″ Guitar Beginner Starter Pack

The Donner DAG-1C is one the easiest action acoustic with full 41 inch size. It is truly fit for beginners level guitarists with very affordable price compared to its caliber in guitar family

The top of this acoustic guitar is laminated spruce and its sides and back are constructed with mahogany. It also has C shaped neck with 20 frets with dotted inlays. The tuning machine is made of die cast steel. This acoustic electric guitar produces spectacular tone quality in spite of its lamination body.

As a beginner level, this bundle actually contains all the necessities to start playing right away as it contains complete set including strap, extra strings, polishing clothes, picks and digital clip on tuner.

Quick Features

  • Body: full size cutaway dreadnought 41 inch full size body which produces full and vibrant tone that suites all type of music.
  • Electronics: This electric guitar is has a built in preamp used for volume control with 3 band EQfor fast and easy tuning
  • Orientation: This full body easiest action guitar is available only in right handed design.
  • Sound: The spruce top and mahogany back and sides brings richer and brighter sound which fascinate beginners.

Pros & Cons

  • Bundle for beginners
  • 41”Full-size guitar
  • Affordable price
  • Good acoustics
  • Currently right handed version available

7-Ibanez AEG1812II Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Beginner 30” Classical Acoustic Guitar – 6 String Linden Wood Traditional Style Guitar

The AEG1812II is built with features for speed and comfort. This easiest electric guitar has a slimmer and short scale 25” body which all electric guitarists will really find comfort right away. This easiest action guitar has a spruce top with mahogany back and sides.

 Its rosewood fret board provides a lively sound even if being used without amplification you will really enjoy.

A fishman AEQ-SP2 preamp delivers sweet amplified tones for the stage and onboard turner provides discrete and quick tuning. The single cutaway body delivers a balanced, expansive and powerful acoustic sound.

This guitar is ideal for both of those who are just home guitarist or travelling musicians. This is a great option at an incredible price.

Quick Features

  • Body and Top: The body of this acoustic guitar is mahogany (back and sides) with a spruce top. The style of the body is AEG which is specifically designed stage ready.
  • Electronics: This electric guitar is equipped with Fishman sonicore with AEQ-SP2 preamp which delivers a sweet acoustic tone for stage.
  • Tuners: This electric guitar has Chrome Die Cast on board tuners which provide quick and discrete tuning.
  • Binding: AEG1812II is styled in a dark violin sunburst high gloss finish with thinner body designed specifically for electric guitar players.

Pros & Cons

  • Feeling Good
  • Fun Playing
  • Good Audio
  • Consistent
  • Stays In Tune
  • Requires constant tuning
  • no

How to Select an Easiest action Acoustic Guitar of Your Choice?

If you have decided to chose the best action guitar for you it should be a thrilling and exciting process because there are hundreds of great instruments asking your attention. Just decide how you really want to use this guitar? The way you intend to use easiest guitar really will help you to narrow down your priorities. It depends upon if you are gigging out, home recording or looking a collectible for over time.

Selecting an acoustic guitar with the features that suites your choice can be confusing and complex process, even professional guitar players are mixed up with specifications available. Each guitarist has unique and different needs as guitars comes with so many styles of body, woods being used, and many other important features of electronics being used by different companies that set the quality of easiest action acoustic guitar. This guide will help you to choose right guitar for your needs.

What to look for in an easiest action acoustic Guitar?

Body Style

Acoustic electric guitars come in different sizes and shapes including small travel size, medium and jumbo size. The body style of guitar determines sound projection and tones. Before buying consider about playing comfort and tonal quality. Some acoustic electric guitars comes with single cutaway body design and some with double cutaway design. These designs give easier access to upper frets.


The thickness and width of the neck is based on the body size of the guitar as well as upon the number of frets the neck has. Choice of the neck is based on the size of your hands. Usually the necks of acoustic guitar are constructed with 12or 14 frets.


The wood used in construction determines the sound quality of the guitar as different types of wood produces different tones but most of the guitar manufacturers believe that wood used in top of the guitar plays te most important role in tonal quality. Sitka spruce and spruce are the standard material being used most commonly. And yes the cost of acoustic guitar is based on the availability/supply of tonewood because tonewood such as rosewood is rarely available. Guitar makers are finding alternative materials to make great sounding guitars.

Tuning Machines

Tuning machine used in guitar has a very important role which allows you to fine tune and hold pitch. Machine heads of tuning machine play vital role in playing your guitar properly, high quality tuning machine heads are main pillars of engineering and design enabling to meet your practical and aesthetic needs.The machine heads keep instrument looking and playing great.


Most of the acoustic guitars are constructed with preamplifiers and pickups for playing venues with larger gathering. Sometimes preamps are mounted in a hole cut of the guitar and some may contain preamp inside the sound hole. There are a lot of systems available which combines the preamps, microphones, piezopickups, EQ and tuners.


If there is no distance between frets the guitar will not be capable of playing tune and the guitar is almost useless in performing or recording. Intonation describes whether or not the tune will play when you move the neck up.

Bridge and fingerboard

The sound quality of the acoustic guitar is directly affected by the material being used in bridge and fingerboard but this does not mean that fingerboard and bridge makes or breaks the sound of guitar.


The finishing of guitar usually depends upon the decisions of the manufacturer using different types of materials. Normally all of the manufactures choose material very wisely.

Final Verdict

We hope our guide to select easiest action acoustic guitar has helped to answer some questions about selecting your dream instrument because buying an electric guitar is a great experience  and could be a life changing especially for beginners.

So when going to purchase your first easiest action acoustic guitar, have a look at our list of highlighted products, one of them would definitely fulfill your needs even when you are on a strict budget or things are little bit flexible.

Good luck and happy shopping!

So when going to purchase your first easiest action acoustic guitar, have a look at our list of highlighted products, one of them would definitely fulfill your needs even when you are on a strict budget or things are little bit flexible.

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