How to Clean Travertine Stone Flooring

Travertine floors are wonderful and exquisite and have been around for many years. These floors can take a space from ho-murmur to impressive. Travertine is a stone-ground surface made from common limestone tiles that make great floors with warm, nonpartisan hues.

Each tile is introduced with wide or tight grout lines. After your floor is expertly introduced, legitimate support is basic to protect the respectability of the stones and grout. You can keep up the excellent appearance of your travertine floor for a considerable length of time to come and appreciate crisp looking grout on the off chance that you utilize good items and cautious cleaning practices.

Since travertine is a type of limestone which is “hard as a stone,” yet it is additionally generally permeable when contrasted with some other characteristic stone development materials. Thus, it has certain inborn vulnerabilities that should be viewed as when cleaning and thinking about these materials. Travertine flooring needs explicit cleaning directions for long term and regular maintenance.

How Often to Clean Travertine Flooring

Travertine floors need regular maintenance. Here are some tips for cleaning schedule:

Regular vacuuming or sweeping, plus mopping, should be done every week.

Whenever the floor is soiled vacuuming or sweeping, plus mopping.

Disinfecting is a good idea for monthly maintenance

Cleaning grout lines is a good idea every few months, though this interval can vary depending on how dirty your floor gets.

Do not use abrasive chemical cleaners or anything acidic on travertine floors. Travertine stone can stain and discolor if it comes in contact with acidic substances.

How to Clean Travertine Flooring

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum or sweep the floor every week to remove small dirt and grit particles that can cause minor abrasive scarring to the surface of the tile. Over time, these tiny particles can wear down the shiny feature of the material while also removing the protective sealant coat, leaving the stone underneath prone to discoloration and staining.

Mopping Travertine Flooring

The best way to mop a travertine floor is to make use of warm, plain water, applied with a mop or sponge. Do not concentrate travertine tiles with water, as it can penetrate down past sealant or into grout lines, causing discoloration, degradation, and the growth of mold and mildew.

Disinfecting Travertine Flooring

If you want to disinfect, a tablespoon of mild, non-acidic dish soap can be added to a gallon of water and used to damp-mop these floors. However, when this is done, the surface should be mopped immediately with clean water to remove any hidden debris that may exist.

Cleaning Grout Lines

During seasonal temperature fluctuations, the grout lines between tiles allow for the expansion and contraction of the material, preventing individual pieces from rubbing into one another and cracking. However, it can also be the most vulnerable point in your travertine flooring installation, as these spaces are susceptible to water penetration, stains, discoloration, and the growth of dark, unsightly, and unhealthy mold.

Mix equal parts baking soda and water to create a gritty paste to clean travertine grout lines. With a small brush scrub the paste onto the grout which will allow you to wash the areas between the tiles without scratching their edges and causing damage to the material.

It is also highly recommended to bring in a tile cleaning professional to clean your Travertine flooring.

Sealing Travertine

Travertine flooring has microscopic pores in the surface which can soak up liquids, leading to stains, discoloration, material degradation, and the growth of mold. The way to combat this is to ensure that the material is sealed correctly both during and after installation, and then again periodically throughout its existence.

Travertine is a premium elegant flooring material, and regular cleaning and sealing will keep it looking its best for decades.

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