Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website, we understand that user privacy can be an essential factor and compromising it can’t be the option. Please read the following details carefully so you can understand our privacy policy.

This page describes how we are concerned about your data. Many factors can disturb user privacy, so we make sure to keep your personal data more secure.


User Personal Data

This section is all about how we collect and use your personal data. Personal data can include anything like a name, address, location and sometimes a phone number. This data is directly provided by you when you browse our website and buy our products.

Sometimes this data is also provided by you when you contact us. We can collect your personal data by keeping track of your activities likehow you interact with our website. The personal data we collect includes name, email address, mobile number.

We assure you that we use this information to make our experience better with you. All your data is stored in our database. This information is shared with our authorized costumers, and we care more about your personal data.

However, all your information is highly secured, and if you feel threatened you can contact us